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Need some supplies? We are here for you!

As stressful and scary as the Covid-19 crisis is, the ways in which we've seen communities unite is heartwarming.  We've heard countless stories of people helping people that have reminded us all of what it means to be a good neighbor. 

As we fight through the feelings of isolation we all want to do something.  My small way of supporting the community is through our children.  Domenica and Vinnie Cresta have been kind enough to offer up their front porch at 2807 Fisk Lane in Redondo Beach to store a "Neighborhood Fun Box" that I created and will continue to stock with periodic supplies designed to keep the kids creatively engaged.  So far we've provided art kits and classes and coordinated a "Chalk Your Walk" weekend.  It's been fun getting involved and providing the materials from a safe distance. 

I'd also like to volunteer using this box as a means of providing anyone with supplies that you've not been able to obtain.  If you have a need, please click the button above to send a quick note and include within the message what you are in need of.  We will do everything in our power to get you what you need.  After all, together we can do anything!


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