• 09/26/19
Great tricks to make your bathroom FEEL bigger!
Most of us have bathrooms that are on the smaller side. Space is a luxury that not everybody can afford. You may not be able to increase your bathroom space, but there are some nice decorating tricks that maximize the feeling of space and make it so beautiful you won’t worry about how small it is. Here are 5 excellent tips to make the most of space you have.

1. Opposing Mirrors

This handy technique will amplify the feeling of space in the room. Two mirrors facing each other on opposite walls create the illusion of space by the reflection of the room. It is a neat trick and works very well. Alternatively, a simpler solution is have a large mirror occupy the entire width of a wall – think 5-star hotel bathrooms. Luxury hotels use this technique all the time, and it works great.

2. Plan Your Palette

Color goes a long way in facilitating a sense of space. Dark colors make a room feel enclosed and claustrophobic. Bold colours will do the same. Lighter, neutral colors create a perception of space and allow more light to reflect around the room. White, beige, eggshell and light blues are always a good choice. If lighter, calmer colors are too boring for your tastes and you really feel the need to add some color, gold is a good compromise.

3. Stimulate Non-Visual Sense

Space is a visual concept so why not turn your attention to non-visual stimuli? Engage your sense of smell with incense and potpourri. Don’t go for something bland, try something exciting that really stirs the senses. For incense, we especially love jasmine, lotus and cinnamon.

4. Think about Wall Patterns for Height

Patterned wallpaper or tiling can add a sense of height to your small bathroom. Vertical stripes will elongate walls and naturally draw attention to the full extent of the room. Horizontal stripes have the opposite effect and are to be avoided.

5. Get Clever with Storage

Storage can often take up a lot of space in your bathroom. Towels, toiletries, cabinets for various items – even a bin in a small bathroom takes up space. This means you need to be creative. Try a towel rack on the back of a door and mount a shelf above a door (soft items only for obvious reasons!). Have a cabinet that hides plumbing? Add shelves in there for extra storage.
The main takeaway for enhancing small spaces is that space, or the illusion of space, revolves around light, color schemes, and attractive ambiances. Also remember to get creative when it comes to storage solutions.


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